Welcome to Act II.

Over the past decade, this website has basically been a mishmash of ideas, topics, and articles, with no real common thread to hold it all together. I’ve decided to simplify things a bit…

We all struggle to become better human beings. It’s the ultimate challenge; a life-long fight that doesn’t end until we take our very last breath. I’ve been fascinated with personal development for almost two decades now, everything from education & self study, to health & fitness, to meditation & spirituality. I believe in a mind, body, soul approach to personal development, with balance and simplicity leading the charge.

As I said, it’s a life-long fight that doesn’t end until we take our very last breath, …and I’m still breathing. I’ve come across such inspiring and helpful content over the years in the form of books, essays, quotes, poems, websites, lists, links, …whatever… and have never really shared them back to the world. So much of this stuff has helped me along my way, maybe it can help someone else as well. All I need to do is share it.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Anything I find interesting, helpful, inspiring, thought-provoking, paradigm shaking, you name it,…I am going to post it here along side my pithy comments. Starting with the video below –it really stirred something in me, maybe it will stir something in you too.

Welcome to Act II.

Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.

~ Henry David Thoreau